Confidence and efforts is the only way for a person to make achievements. This is also true for a company. On the vast sea of business, thousands of players are competing against one another. Confidence allows us to be more self confident in the environment where competition and development coexist, and opportunities and challenges come hand in hand. Diligence teaches us to be down to earth and unremittingly pursue our goals. With these two qualities, we have laid a solid foundation for development, which enable everyone in the company to radiate the light of humanity and wisdom both in life and at work, and enable our partners to be as confident in the future as us. This is our wealth and our values, as well as the power and conviction for us to provide customers with quality products. We should be down to earth and careful at work, tolerant and sincere to people, pursue profoundness and broadness, and seek endless development. This is the fundamental code of conduct of Cixing, and the motto that encourages Cixing to make constant development. Faith will move mountains. We will continue with our efforts, constantly pursue first-class quality and services, and create a warm and open atmosphere characteristic of sincere cooperation, entrepreneurship and win-win situations. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit Cixing, to seek common development, and create our common brilliance.

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