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  2014, Ningbo Cixing Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was established, being dedicated to providing users with the most cost-effective solutions for “replacing people with robots”.

  2012, the computer knitting Industrial Park of Ningbo Cixing CNC Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully established, being committed to creating a leading intelligent knitting machinery production base in China.

  2012, Ningbo Cixing Corporation was officially listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (company name: Cixing Corporation, stock code: 300 307). Cixing Corporation issued 61 million shares at the first time.

  2011, the construction of Cixing Textile Software Technology Park was started, which is intended to build China's Textile Silicon Valley in full swing.

  2010, Cixing’s first high-speed computer silk stocking machine came into being.

  2010, the company completed the joint-stock restructuring, and was renamed Ningbo Cixing Corporation

  2010, the sales volume of Cixing computerized flat knitting machine exceeded the sum of the well-known foreign companies including Stoll in Germany, Shima Seiki in Japan, ranking first in the industry; the seamless underwear machine made rapid growth, whose sales ranked the second in China, second only to Lonati, an Italian company.

  2009, the production capacity was further improved, and the annual sales ranked first in the world.

  2009, Cixing achieved industrial expansion, the production base of Cixing computerized flat knitting machine was put into construction and became the world's largest computerized flat knitting machine production base.

  2008, the computerized flat knitting machine factory area located to the south of Hangzhou Bay Bridge was built and put into use.

  2006, the company successfully developed China's first computerized seamless knitting underwear machine (GE88).

  2004, the company successfully developed China's first computerized flat knitting machine (GE2-45S).

  2003, Ningbo Yuren Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. (predecessor of Ningbo Cixing Corporation) was established and initiated the development and production of fully computerized flat knitting machines under the brand of “Cixing”.

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